Midlands Independent Review Board® is the leading provider of ethical review services for early phase clinical research. Founded in 1981, Midlands has over 35 years of extensive experience reviewing multi-site trials in all phases and areas of research, but has gained industry recognition for their timelines and expertise with Phase I & II specialty review services.

With one AAHRPP-accredited panel that meets twice weekly, and with on-demand Informed Consent development, Midlands delivers the customized and responsive services that its loyal clients have come to expect and appreciate.
In my 16 years of working in clinical research, Midlands IRB has been, in my professional experience, the best IRB to work with. Their boards are thorough and do a great job of protecting the subjects. The staff is efficient, friendly, and helpful. For example, Midlands frequently works with us to meet very aggressive timelines. I would recommend Midlands for any site or sponsor looking to explore a new IRB.” – Regulatory Specialist, CRO